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Hula hooping is a captivating and rhythmic dance that takes a simple plastic hoop and transforms it into a mesmerizing display of motion, grace, and balance. With its origins rooted in ancient traditions, hula hooping has evolved into a modern art form that combines fluid movements, precise hip rotations, and intricate choreography.


Having a skilful hula-hooper at your event will add that unique touch of the unexpected, yet fun and beautiful circus skill that is hula-hooping! We offer roaming hula-hoopers that seamlessly blend amongst the guests, and choreographed hula-hoop acts that will amaze the audience with their grace and skill. We offer the traditional hula-hoops and the LED or ‘light-up’ versions.

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Hula-hooping is a fun and healthy way to enjoy an all-time favourite activity suitable for most ages and levels of ability. Our hula-hoop workshops are popular at school balls, museum family days and corporate parties, either on their own or as a worthy addition to a hula-hoop performance. Have a go at spinning one or more hula-hoops with our experienced hula-hoopers, and let them amaze you with their skilful demonstrations! We provide all equipment and different size hoops so the little ones can have a go too.

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