Mimosa Performance was born in 2019 out of a desire for transferring the beauty of Spanish culture into aerial and ground based performances that would enamour audiences with their charming spectacle.

Founder and Artistic Director, Ana Cerrato, was born and raised in Northern Spain. In this region the fragrant scent of mimosa flowers hangs poignant in the late Winter air, heralding the beginning of the spring weather. This is a time where the Spanish landscape explodes with a myriad of vivid colours that lasts for a few short weeks, until the fierce summer heat flattens the rich palette into a dry monochromic wash of sepia tones.

The colours, sounds and beautiful visual imagery of the Spanish culture have been a constant in Ana’s performances as an aerial soloist and found root in her very first aerial hoop graduation act at her circus school back in 2007. More presently she has collaborated with a flamenco dancer and a guitarist to create a dynamic act that was well received at the UK festival scene. She transfers the colours, passion and the experience of over ten years in the entertainment industry into all of her performances.

Mimosa Performance has been made possible through the careful selection of seasoned performers who either share the same cultural heritage or embody the ethos to deliver stunning dance and circus shows.

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