Fire Acts

Fire performers and dancers are a great way to bring a high adrenaline performance to you event and put on a memorable event for your guests. The stunning performances can be both the main event or provide a spectacular background to your event while guests arrive.

Fire Hoops

Fire hoop performers combine a hula hoop show with and added element of risk and excitement of fire.

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Fire Dancers

Fire dancers use a variety of objects which are set alight to compliment gymnastic moves.

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Fire Spinners & Twirling

As the name suggest fire spinners put on a show with spinning fire. Great as a side act for guests arriving or night events.

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Our Aerial Acrobats

Meet the Incredible Mimosa Performance Aerial Acrobats.



Ana, founder of director of Mimosa Performance, is also a honed aerialist that has performed extensively in the UK and India.


Fire Performer


Suzy is also a trained dancer with an insane repertoire of fire acts!

Juggler Fire Performer


Juan is our actor turned juggler and fire artist from Argentina

Justine & Kino

Justine and Kino make up a stunning floor acrobat duo with years of experience of performing together

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Fire Perfomer?

Our fire acts involve one or more fire performers manipulating and spinning fire props, such as fire fans, fire clubs and fire hoops.

Our fire performances work as the great finale to any special event, wedding or corporate party. They are also a great ice breaker for meet and greet moments as guests enter the venue.

What Type Of Events Can I Book A Fire Performer For?
Are Fire Performers Safe To Have At My Event?