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Circus and dance performances. Aerial acrobatics, floor acrobatics, juggling, fire, hand balancing and flamenco dance.

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Mimosa performances are a celebration of beauty, colour and rhythm in a sumptuous mix of circus and dance. Get in touch to tell us about your event and budget, and we will do our best to accommodate one of our acts, or a fully devised show to fit around your event’s schedule. We cater for both outdoors and indoors venues.

Summer Balls, Woodland Weddings and more!

Open air shows have a certain allure that works incredibly well with the Mimosa spirit. There is something undeniably wholesome about hearing the birds chirping in nearby trees just before the opening guitar chords pierce the air announcing the start of the main act. Two captivating acrobats balancing on each other perform a passionate tango piece, then make their way towards one of our pyramid shaped aerial rigs. Above a lady wearing an outfit reminiscent of a distinctive flamenco dress twirls her way around a pair of red silks in perfect sync with an evocative soundtrack. Children laugh happily enthralled by the dynamic family show.

Most of our acts can be performed outdoors. Our free standing rigs can be set up on most different types of floors, as long as they are fairly even. Tango and flamenco dance, juggling, aerial shows and acro-balance acts are all part of our alfresco spectaculars. They can be booked individually or as packages. Get in touch to discuss your individual requirements.

Spellbinding Indoor productions

Indoors is where the magic and intensity of the flamenco tradition shines with all its mysterious beauty. The sound of rhythmic heels on a wooden floor, the floating long skirts and the majestic pride of the Spanish dancers. We strive to encapsulate these elements in our lovingly crafted routines to suit the chosen moment at your special event. 

Our Spanish dance and acrobatic routines, the Cyr wheel act, and our most special cigar box juggling are all part of our indoor shows. For the aerial acts, our free standing aerial rigs are designed to be set up at indoor venues too. With their stylised tripod design, they are non intrusive and made to be set up and put down in no longer than half an hour. Tastefully decorated with Spanish roses and mimosa flowers, they blend in and add a touch of class and colour to your chosen venue.

Get in touch if you would like to book one or more of our individual acts. We can also devise a show up to thirty minutes long for your event. Let us know what you have in mind and leave it with us to create the entertainment to your specific requirements.

At Mimosa we love to help you celebrate your big day with one of our dynamic indoor or outdoor wedding shows. Choose one of our mesmerising aerial acts or keep it simple with a ground performance such as a flamenco or tango act, a juggling display or our family friendly acrobatic duos. They can all be performed as set acts at a time during the ceremony specified by you, or ambient acts such as meet & greet performances as the guests arrive to the venue. Get in touch to discuss your requirements and the best package for an unforgettable wedding day.

Everyone at Mimosa Performance has done their good share of Christmas events before becoming an invaluable part or the company, and know what it takes to recreate an exceptional winterland spectacle.

As a group we offer a great variety of skills to fulfill almost every Christmas venue’s dream show. We would love to devise your next latino, flamenco, or tango themed show that you may be hosting this Christmas season at your venue. Get in touch to discuss your requirements and let us help you create the magical winter entertainment that your guests are looking for.

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