Juggling Acts For Hire

Hire Jugglers to put on a show at your event across the uk

Juggers & Circus Juggling acts

Juggling acts cant amaze your guests through a show or as background entertainment. They can fit in perfectly whatever your event and show off thier skills with a range of aparatus from classic juggling balls to clubs or even incorporating fire to really get the areneline going.

Going hand in hand with other circus acts juggling is an excellent compliment to exiting acts as well as its own performance. Our juggling performances are both fun and skillful. Our Mimosa jugglers useballs, clubs or cigar boxes to entertain the guests in a lightearted but elegantmanner.

They can perform choreographed routines with traditional jugglingequipment or LED (light up) clubs and balls for a more sophisticated look.

Our Juggling acts & Aerial Acrobat Acts

Cyr Wheel(2)


Juggling Act, Cyr Wheel

Jack is our honed cyr wheel & juggling performer who has entertained audiences for over ten years

Juan 3


Juggling Act, Fire Performer

Juan is our actor turn juggler and fire artist from Argentina.

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