Acrobat Acts For Hire

Hire floor acrobats & Aerial Acrobatics displays for your event across the uk

Floor Acrobatics & Aerial Acrobats

Acrobats can dazzle the crowd with high intensity acts which entertain and bring out emotions in people. You can choose from floor acrobatics including, contortionists, handstand performers and the two person duo adagio acts.

Or in larger venues we have a range of aerial acrobatics which include aerial hoops, ropes and silks full of dramatic twists and turns.

Floor Acrobat Acts for hire


Contortionists have incredibly flexible bodies and create unique shapes to entertain the crowd. Our Mimosa contortionists perform all sorts of splits, back bends and all-round stunning bendy moves not for the faint-hearted!

Duo Adagio

Duo Adagio involves two acrobats performing a routine together in a dance with lifts and turns often with a romantic element. Our beautiful adagio duos will bring an elegance to your event. 

Handstand Acrobatics

As the name suggests our performers will entertain your guests will a show of handstands. Performed individually or as a group show, our acts will perform a variety of tricks and skills upside down!

Aerial Acrobats Acts

Aerial Hoop

Suspended high in your venue the aerial hoop acts will capture your guests attention spinning and twisting around a suspended hoop. 

Aerial Drinks Pouring

Get an aerial bartender to make your occasion truly special. Serve your guests champagne with a unique twist! 

Aerial Hammock

The aerial hammock is a spectacular version of the aerial silk act. The larger silk hammock makes for a stylish solo act.  

Aerial Ropes

The entertaining aerial rope shows add a bit of drama, beauty and variety to your event. Solo and duo acts available. 

Aerial Silks

Aerial silks are a visually stunning acrobratic act. Combining elements of dance, contortion and acrobatic moves it is a popular event act to hire. 

Our Floor & Aerial Acrobat Acts

Bendy Kate- handstands

Bendy Kate

Acrobat, Contortionist

Bendy Kate is the pole queen, having gained experience performing all around the world in acrobatics.

Lisa- handstands


Acrobat, Contortionist

Lisa is our very strong and flexible floor acrobat, she can handstand and tumble like no other! She is also an experienced aerialist

Teresa - aerial hoop


Acrobat, Contortionist

Teresa is our multi skilled performer who is beautiful to watch both in the air and on the floor.

Justine & Kino- duo adagio

Justine & Kino

Duo Adagio

Justine and Kino make up a stunning floor acrobat duo with years of experience of performing together



Founder - Mimosa Performance

Ana, founder of director of Mimosa Performance, is also a honed aerialist that has performed extensively in the UK and India

Joe- rope


Aerial Acrobat

Joe is our very special aerial rope performer, having perfomed extensively in the Uk and internationally with her stylish rope acts

Rach- hoop


Aerial Acrobat

Rach is our very own tippy hoop specialist, and she is also a stunning hula hoop artist!

Elena- silks


Aerial Acrobat

Elena: Aerial Hoop and Silks lady by definition, she is the absolute boss of our champagne pouring acts!

Cyr Wheel(2)


Cyr Wheel Act

Jack is our honed cyr wheel performer who has entertained audiences for over ten years!

nina headdress


Aerial Acrobat

Nina is one of our great aerialist, she will dazzle the audiences on any aerial apparatus

Juan 3


Juggler, FIre performer

Juan is our actor turn juggler and fire artist from Argentina.

Artistic 4


Flamenco Dancer

Ale is our flamenco dancer from Spain, trained in ballet, classical & flamenco dance!

SuzyPegler Fire Eating


Fire Performer

Suzy is our dancer and fire performer that puts her own dance spins on all her fire routines.

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